Gabriel Kruis,

Poetry. Education. Event Curation.
~ Co-founder, Wendy’s Subway ~


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 Say, “Poetry’s air, Money’s ore,”         Or, “Poetry’s a kind-of money,”          Say, “Dirt & not copper makes a color darker, it makes the shape so heavy & makes no melody harder,”            Or, “Say there’s money but it rusted,”           Say, “Poetry’s not a luxury,”         And, “I know I am space, my body’s air,”         Or, “This is a shape, a shape of blood beating & cells dividing, But outside of this shape is space,”           Say, “Thus the air’s a luminous shadow which accompanies the body,”          Or,  “Poetry’s the body’s body,”         


instagram: @muzak_quikrete
email: gabriel.j.kruis[at]gmail dot com 

Orginally from New Mexico, I’m a poet who makes a living as an educator, grant- and copy- writer (this gun’s for hire). Author of Acid Virga and cofounder ofWendy’s Subway Reading Room, my work has appeared in A Perfect Vacuum, LitHub, PEN America Poetry Series, OmniVerse, Brooklyn Poet of the Week, Brooklyn Rail, The Atlas Review, and Frontier Poetry (among others). I’ve got an MFA from Hunter College and I was a fellow at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown 2018-19.

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