Gabriel Kruis,

Poetry. Education. Event Curation.
~ Co-founder, Wendy’s Subway ~


Table of Contents

 Say, “Poetry’s air, Money’s ore,”         Or, “Poetry’s a kind-of money,”          Say, “Dirt & not copper makes a color darker, it makes the shape so heavy & makes no melody harder,”            Or, “Say there’s money but it rusted,”           Say, “Poetry’s not a luxury,”         And, “I know I am space, my body’s air,”         Or, “This is a shape, a shape of blood beating & cells dividing, But outside of this shape is space,”           Say, “Thus the air’s a luminous shadow which accompanies the body,”          Or,  “Poetry’s the body’s body,”         


Major Says:
As with most gorgeous and stolid debuts,
a great affliction and affection inform

Acid Virga, fast-moving with strophes
like brisk moving cloud banks over the mind in your heart. Gabriel Kruis takes us further, passionately into memory, grief, and wonder, as he hovers in language where 'volt by volt / of synapses fluttering' could mean we have arrived at thresholds of understanding
or another kind of hunger. In either case, what a voice to enter our lives at this moment, full of terror and joy, 
like a young Miguel Hernandez.